Customer Order, Account, Service, Support Portal Software

Customer Portal

Customer portal is a one place end to end solution which allows organization to manage supplier information, self service and other activities.

  • Controls data sync of customer data from SAP
  • Order products
  • Check the status of the orders
  • Initiate workflows from customer actions in the portal
  • Customer can chat via skype or SMS for status etc.
  • Customer can initiate master data changes
  • Manages and tickets can be sent by customer from the portal
  • Customer can get SMS alerts

Customer Portal

  • Customer can order products and check status
  • Customers create orders
  • Inherent integration with SAP and Workflow
  • Customers can connect through Skype or SMS for inquiries
  • Customers can collaborate by sending messages or tickets
  • Customers are integrated in natural languages
  • Google search
  • Easy to communicate
  • Cloud based

Offsite backup of all customer data

In a worst case scenario, what is your company’s data recovery plan? If a major IT disaster happens, a cloud based solution can help prevent many of the negative repercussions. You’ll have a backup of all customers to rebuild


The Convenience of Self-Service

One of the more obvious benefits of providing a portal for your customers to use is the convenience of self-service. Should a person need to update their payment information, address, or wish to view their payment history with your business, customers can enjoy the freedom of doing this when it’s convenient for them. In addition to this, these common tasks reduce the demands on customer service, so such representatives can focus on more unique incidents should they arise.

Saves time for you and your customers

A customer portal allows a secure and efficient way to get information which bypasses queues and waiting on return calls or emails. Your ERP and Customer Management systems contain the information that your customers are typically looking for. Copies of invoices, due dates, order status, inventory quantity, placing orders, reviewing past orders, initiating or status of a support case are generally at the top of the list when I ask business owners what absorbs most of support staff’s time. A portal enables your customers to get this information without emailing or calling your company.


Easy to communicate

Customers are always on the go and always connected. With the adoption of smartphones and on-demand services, more customers are looking to find ways to interact with businesses when it’s convenient for them.


SmartDocs customer portal is a single solution of more effecently co-operate and communicate with customer.

Adding a customer portal to your website offers your customers access to their account 24/7 without the need to reach out to the business office directly and get instant view of financial information , such as contracts, documents and payments recevied , while tracking due date and amount due.

They get stored securely on SmartStore which is an archive link compliant repository running in the cloud.

No servers are needed. The core application is an ABAP add-on that runs on your SAP ECC system.

Why SmartDocs?

Lowest TCO

No hardware required

Rapid Deployment

Go-Live with in few days

SAP Certified

No modification to SAP

Comprehensive Platform

Complete content management and BPM platform