Chat Bots and Digital Assistants for the Enterprise

powered by Synapse - Our Enterprise Bot Platform

Instantly connect your internal and external users to human-like digital robots with out having an army of shared service personnel. Your users can chat and get answers from virtual experts 24X7

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Multiple Channels

Your audience (users) can use multiple channels to connect with your organization.

One on One conversations with any user

Synapse enables organizations to delight your customers by providing 24X7 live conversations with out the cost of maintaining a large contingent of agents doing mundane repetitive tasks.

Natural Language Conversations

Your users can chat just like with a human being. Synapse can understand your users intent and run intelligent conversations with the power of AI.


Synapse can connect to any backend system

Train your bots like you train your new employees and unleash the power of AI within your enterprise.

Human Controls

Your precious human employees can step in at any point of time based on the sentiment of the conversations. So your bots are the first line of contact and human supervisors are at second level.


Personalise your Bots

Give a unique personalization characterization to your bots including name, avatar, skills, permissions and access to various backend systems.

  • Real-time interactions

    Users get instant responses by using the information directly from the appropriate backend system

  • Train various Skills

    Just like onboarding a new employee, Synapse bots can be trained to specific skills

  • Total Control

    Your users would not be able to detect the difference between the bots and their human counterparts once the system is trained

Enterprise Controls

  • Complete audit trails, authentication and authorizations to ensure appropriate access controls are enforced. Granular monitoring and alerts give your IT stake holder peace of mind.



Enterprise grade security with full access controls and roles based permissions for both the bots and the end users



Ability to give specific access to specific skills and systems to bots just like for human counter-parts



Complete system monitoring and alerts including telemetry of the underlying systems



Visual dashboard for both business users and system functional owners to give full visibility of all aspects of the platform